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Tweets from satisfied people

We’ve seen people finish writing projects they’d never thought they’d complete, kill their writing blocks and really find their writing confidence – in just 5 days.

Tweets from satisfied people

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“Bec and Chris have supported me from the first words I put on the page, through to signing my first publishing deal, fulfilling a dream I’ve had for 30 years.”
— Wyl Menmuir, debut novelist and author of The Many, long listed for the 2016 Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

“Prolifiko has made a huge difference to my writing. The more I write, the more it seems to flow; and the more it flows, the better the quality.”
Robert Winter

“I’ve explored a lot of writing productivity systems and yours is hands down the best by a good margin. My productivity in the first two months of 2017 has already almost matched what I achieved in the whole of 2016.”
Tara Saunders

“I’ve now tutored many writing courses and the number one problem for people is keeping going afterwards. An app likes yours is the best solution.”
Tim Pears

“I really valued the challenge’s structured purposefulness which FINALLY got me off the starting blocks. It gave me a sense of accountability that really kept me motivated.”
Alison Jones

“I’ve been trying to hold myself accountable for the best part of a year with no success. But in just five days of using Prolifiko I seem to have overcome my blocks.”
Emma Lannie

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