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10 ways to trick, cheat and fool yourself into becoming a better, more productive writer – backed by science


It’s you who gets distracted by your Facebook feed.
It’s you who just can’t get into a writing rhythm.
It’s your inner critic saying you’re no good.

That’s why we make no apology for telling you to flagrantly lie and cheat your way to becoming a better writer.

Because the person you’re fibbing to… is you.

The Liar’s Guide to Writing contains 32 pages of information and inspiration on how you can use the science of habits to trick, fool and fib yourself into beating procrastination and developing a writing practice that works.

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Want to know more?

Here’s a quick rundown of 10 things you’ll learn in The Liar’s Guide to Writing

  1. How to lie to yourself about your real writing goal
  2. How to fool yourself into writing for longer
  3. How to trick your way out of thinking ‘I don’t have the time to write’
  4. How to deceive yourself into writing regularly
  5. How to cheat your way out of being distracted
  6. How to bribe yourself regularly with writing rewards
  7. How to hoodwink your inner writing critic
  8. How to fib yourself that writing’s fun
  9. How to delude yourself into thinking you’re organised
  10. How to pretend you’re a nice person (and write more as a result)

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About the author: Co-founder and writer in residence at Prolifiko | failed academic and ex-philosophy lecturer | maker of unpopular short comedy films.