Transform your writing practice in one month

Featuring unlimited access to a dedicated expert coach, our 4-Week Bootcamps are intensive, structured programmes helping you to develop a healthier, more balanced relationship with writing. 

 More balance, less stress: develop a healthier, happier relationship with writing 

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Enjoy writing again

It’s easy to fall into bad writing habits. To keep doing things that might have worked once but don’t anymore. 

When your writing practice isn’t working for you – you need to make a change and that is what our bootcamp programme is all about.

Featuring structured coaching and personalised, 1-to-1 support from an expert accountability coach, our 4-week bootcamp programme helps you overcome the blocks you’re  facing now and build a consistent practice for the future.

It helps you enjoy writing again and gives you the motivation, confidence and resilience you need to see your projects through to the end. 

Achieve your potential as a writer

Regain your focus
Manage distractions, perfectionism and procrastination.

Write more regularly
Find a routine that works for you and your life.

Grow in confidence
Beat your blocks and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Get fired up to finish!
Feel fulfilled and motivated – reconnect with writing.

Hi there, we’re your bootcamp coaches Bec and Chris…

When you take our bootcamp plan, we’re your coaches.

We’re both trainers, expert facilitators and professional coaches with over 30 years’ experience helping writers develop healthier, happier, easier and less stressful relationships with writing. 

For us, productivity isn’t about chaining yourself to your desk, writing for longer or working harder – often quite the reverse – it’s about finding the approaches, tactics and tools that work for you.

There’s no one way to be productive there are many, it’s our job as your bootcamp coaches to help you find a system that suits you and your life.

We hope to speak to you soon. 

Bec and Chris

Find out more about your coaches here. 


Places on our 4-Week Bootcamp are limited to just 16

£399 each


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Why only 16? The bootcamp plan involves one-to-one coaching time via phone or Skype. We restrict access to maintain quality. 

You don’t need to take time off to do the bootcamp but you do need a project  to work on for the duration of the plan. Places are only offered to writers with a goal in mind. 

Get the support, structure, skills and accountability you need to finish your projects through to the end.

Our coaching model is rooted in years of research and application and takes elements of behaviour design, neuroscience and psychology to help you write more easily and more regularly.

Working with your life as it is, the bootcamp helps you to notice and identify what helps and hinders your writing practice and gives you the tools and strategies you need to defeat your obstacles, overcome your blocks and barriers – and keep writing long term.

Regain your confidence

“After a long career in which writing too often felt like an unpleasant uphill struggle, I’ve completely re-calibrated how I approach the process. Prolifiko unleashed my inner writer.”

– University professor

Publish more

“Without Prolifiko’s help, I would have struggled to have gotten my book over the line. They were the difference between a work-in-progress and a finished book.”

– Business author

Feel more motivated

“Writing was leading me nowhere and I’d made a decision to stop. For some reason I didn’t. Instead, I trusted Prolifiko. Now my own habits are simple.  Ordinary.  Everyday. I can’t thank them enough.”

– Novelist

Find the perfect routine

“Prolifiko encouraged me to reflect on my writing process and as a result I realized that a writing routine that had worked for me in the past was no longer working. I now have a new routine that is far more effective.” 

– Associate professor

Unlock your potential

“Not only did I make incredible progress on my project, but I walked away with a writing practice, a keen understanding of the connection between my practice and my self-esteem, and a toolkit full of practical solutions for tackling my own idiosyncrasies moving forward.”

– Non-fiction and short story writer

Beat your blocks

I used to find the writing process daunting and even distressing, but the mentoring I received from Prolifiko has helped me rethink the way I approach writing. I now enjoy writing, have much more confidence and have tailored strategies in place that enable me to achieve my writing goals in my own way.”

– PhD researcher

Over a month you receive

Direct access to a dedicated writing productivity coach which includes:

→ A structured coaching programme based around reflective            practice and accountability.

→ A personalised approach – the programme is tailored to you.

→ Deep dive coaching calls that top and tail the programme.

→ Weekly themes exploring an area of writing practice.

→ Weekly accountability and trouble-shooting check-ins with          your coach.

→ Tailored tips and exercises – responsive to your needs.

Personalised on-boarding and problem-solving

Before the programme starts you complete a questionnaire telling us about your writing and the personal challenges and blocks you face.

Then, we fix up a time to meet over Skype or phone to expand on your writing practice and coaching requirements.

Together, we structure your writing goal for the month and develop a plan of action that’s just for you.

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When you do, we’ll also send you a free copy of our free coaching plan –  Kickstart your Writing Routine in 10 Minutes.

Transform your practice in 4 weeks 

Week 1: Obstacle thinking

The first week is highly practical. We hone down your writing goal and investigate the common obstacles and barriers that you face.

✓ Become more conscious of the things that stop you writing

✓ Implement strategies to combat your barriers

✓ Understand the fundamentals of reflective practice – a life-long skill

Week 2: Managing time, finding more

Next, the focus turns to time: finding it, managing it, scheduling it and prioritising writing alongside other things going on in your life.

✓ Discover your scheduling type

✓ Develop ways you use your time more effectively  

✓ Learn how to prioritise writing in your life

Week 3: Managing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours

Week 3 is about tackling your writing demons: distraction, anxiety, procrastination, self-doubt and guilt. You understand what blockers hold you back and develop new strategies to beat them.  

✓ Learn tactics that address negative thoughts

✓ Tackle your unhelpful behaviours and toxic cycles

✓ Manage distractions and design a productive writing environment

 Week 4: Keeping going, staying focused

The final week is about keeping going. You learn the tactics, tips, behaviours and mental models that keep you moving forwards and feeling motivated.

✓ Learn what helps you write and embed them into your process

✓ Regain your confidence and motivation

✓ Build a rock-solid practice that’s with you for life

Our next 4-Week Bootcamp starts this Autumn.

The course is limited to 16 places 

Want to work with us? Great!

Be quick, places will go fast…

We limit the number of writers we work with on the bootcamp to just 16 because we want to give you and your writing the individual attention you deserve.

We only work with clients who are a good fit with our approach and will get the most from our coaching – we establish this in an initial call. 

Let’s get you writing!




When will the course start and end?

Details will be released soon. Sign up to our newsletter for more information. 

Is the course for a particular type of writer or writing?

We are VERY inclusive. Our coaching programs are about helping you to improve your productivity and get unblocked whatever you are writing. Professors, poets, business writers, PhDs, novelists, short story writers, scriptwriters, memoirists (you get the picture) are all welcome…

How’s it delivered and structured?

Your bootcamp is delivered via a mixture of personal coaching, email assignments, videos and a live webinar with Q&A. It kicks off with a coaching call to clarify your writing goal and diagnose any blocks and barriers. Over the following weeks, you will get a mix of practical assignments and support by email, a webinar with live Q&A to consolidate learning, and will close with a final coaching call and action plan to keep you writing long into the future. We also host weekly ‘office hours’ for pep talks and writing emergencies and respond to your emails.

Tell me about the coaching calls

On your initial call you work with either Bec or Chris to determine a goal for the four week course and discuss what you want from the programme. We delve into your writing challenges and offer immediate advice and support, signposting you to downloadable tip sheets available from a private area of our website.

Do I need to do all the exercises?

We can’t make you do the work, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t make time for the exercises. We’ve designed the course around a pedagogy which mean that one week’s theme flows into the next, so it builds week by week.

Do I need to come prepared?

The bootcamp course is designed for people who already have a project (or projects) that they want to write. Before the course starts, we’ll send you a questionnaire to help you start thinking through what you want to achieve from the course and how you want to advance your writing practice. This will support your preparation and help you plan for the course.

What happens afterwards?

The coaches give you a whole month of ad hoc email support – check in with us and we give you free advice. An amazing perk of the programme! 

I don’t have anything to write – can you help?

No, we’re sorry but this course isn’t right for you. It’s for writers who have a project in mind or have a work in progress and want to invest in improving their writing practice. We can help you choose the best project to work on, but you do need an idea before taking the course.

How involved will Bec and Chris be in the course?

You be allocated either Bec or Chris as your coach at the beginning of the course. We’ll be involved throughout, starting with your initial coaching call and keeping the course moving through each of the assignments. We will hold a weekly ‘office hour’ in the Facebook group to answer immediate questions you have about the course and your writing practice, the barriers you face, and to celebrate your progress and breakthroughs. There will be a final webinar and Q&A session, though if you need a personal pep talk, just drop us an email at any time. However, we won’t be able to give individual feedback on your work. The course will close with a final coaching session to discuss your next steps.

How long should I allow each week?

The course supports your own writing so how long you have available to write depends on your schedule. Each email will take anything from a couple of minutes to read or up to 15 minutes for an exercise. While the course in intended to support daily writing, you can catch up at the weekends – we suggest setting aside a session of 60-90 minutes for this.

What if the time’s not right to do the course?

No problem – but let us ask you this: Be honest with yourself. Do you REALLY see a time that will ever be right? This course is all about finding a time NOW in the busyness and chaos of your life as it is. You might never find a perfect time… just sayin’…

You’re Brits right – how will this work if I’m in a different time zone?
Indeed we are Brits (you mean you can hear us drinking Earl Grey from our bone china tea cups from where you are?). The emails will be sent early morning in GMT/BST and the webinar will be scheduled so you can make time in your calendar – it will also be recorded if you can’t attend. We welcome writers from across the globe so will be as flexible as we can.

Are there any marked assignments at the end?
No, it’s not school so we don’t mark your work. However, each week we will ask you to submit a reflection so we can support your learning and monitor your progress.

Will the course help me come up with ideas?

Bootcamp is predominantly about helping writers to combat their blocks and barriers to writing and improving their productivity in a way that’s meaningful to them. It’s not really about idea generation although that’s usually a happy by-product from engaging with your writing.

Do you review or edit my writing?
No. Although you can ask our other participants and you might be able to find someone to buddy up with. We find that writing groups are great for accountability and for building longer term structure to support your writing.

Is there a community forum?
Yes, you get full access to our members’ only Facebook group when you take this course.

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