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Sick and tired of procrastinating? Keen as mustard to kickstart a new writing project? It’s time to sprint! Unique to Prolifiko, our 7-Day Writing Sprints are fast, furious structured programs that give you the accountability and motivation to finish

*Based on an exit survey of 338 sprint participants over 2020.

Blow away the cobwebs and supercharge your writing in 7 days

✓ Move your writing forward EVERY DAY.

✓ Go in large leaps or tiny steps – find a pace that works.

✓ Get accountability and cheerleading from expert coaches – people not bots! 🤖

✓ Reflect on your progress and learn new insights.

✓ Sprint once, sprint every month – it’s up to you!

✓ Completely free.

The sprint has really opened my eyes to what I can do, even if I only have 10 minutes between meetings, and how you just need to start and you will be amazed what you can produce.

- A.L Moore, professor and author

I’ve engaged in several sprints. I find them helpful every time for motivation, accountability, and tips.

- Will Wheeler, writer

Like committing to a walk or a bike ride with a friend, the sprint helped me keep my promise to myself and write daily.

- Andrea De Leon, fiction writer

I found that being involved in the sprint was a game-changer. I’ve made so many discoveries about processes that work for me that I now know how to proceed.

- David Fitzgerald, fiction writer

Thanks Prolifiko for a wonderful week. I will definitely use these techniques as I continue to write. I hope to work with you again soon.

- Heather Griffiths, early career researcher

We run a 7-Day Writing Sprint on the first Monday of every month – getting started is easy!

👋  Join the sprint club and pick a start date

⚙️  Complete a pre-race warm up plan

✍️  Write every day you can and learn along the way

💯  Get support and accountability from your sprint coaches

😎  Cool down with a post-race analysis

🔁  Continue and watch your writing practice develop

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Introducing your sprint coaches

There are two real live people behind the sprint (that’ll be us, Bec and Chris!) and we will be your sprint coaches and your personal cheer squad for the duration.

We read every question and comment posted in the group and will answer you personally if you have a question or need a pep talk.

We are here for you – we love getting to know our sprinters so just drop us a line and say hi.

We hope to welcome you to our sprint club soon.

 Good luck!

The writing sprint worked well for me as a way to get back into a habit of daily writing. Chris and Bec provide useful tips and tricks to start the process and then to keep at it, as well as valuable ongoing support. 
Lucy Malouf

Food and cookery writer

The sprint does help tremendously because it helps you to reflect on your writing day by day and it teaches you some skills that can be useful to encourage writing.
Melanie Wieschalla


I signed up for the Sprint to retake a big project. The experience has helped me boost my confidence as a writer and overcome the block I had been feeling for months. I absolutely recommend signing up for it!

Analía Gómez Vidal


The structured, guided format of the sprint really kept me motivated – I looked forward to the morning email from Bec and Chris with the day’s writing prompts or reflections.

Nina Fudge

Academic writer

This week has helped me to remove some of the blockages, caused by the pressure that I put on myself. Thanks to Prolifiko I’ve found new ways of working and I’ll keep writing a little bit every day.

Miriam Pelusi

PhD researcher

The 7-day sprint is an incredibly helpful kickstart for your writing goals. Chris and Bec use evidence-based techniques to help you commit and remain accountable to your writing.

Louise Bassett

Writer and author

The 4 secrets to sprint success!

#1. Keep moving forwards

Move forwards quickly (but in a way that works for you). Now’s not the time to look back, obsess over detail or let perfectionism take over.

#2. Train daily

Move your project forwards every day – even in a small way. Connecting with your writing each day keeps your ‘muscles’ warm and this helps you to maintain momentum.

#3. Set a personal best

Make your 7-day writing goal personal to you. Stretch yourself but be realistic. Set a sprint goal that you can meet with everything else going on in your life.

#4. Have a cool down routine 

Check in with yourself after each writing session. Ask how your session went and what you’d change. Use your reflections to adapt your approach throughout the sprint.

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