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Whether you’re stuck in the middle of a writing project or just starting out, our structured 7-Day Writing Sprint will give you and your writing a burst of super-charged energy!

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Writing stalled? Start sprinting!

> Do you need to supercharge a writing project?

> Have you hit a block and you’re feeling demotivated?

> Perhaps your deadline’s looming and you need to focus fast?

If so, you need to sprint.


When you sprint, you supercharge a piece of writing over a week

  • A tried and tested blueprint tested on thousands of writers over many years.
  • Progress in small steps or large leaps – the important thing is to keep going.
  • Gives you a motivational burst of writing energy when you need it most. 
  • Provides a structure to set achievable goals and manage blocks and obstacles.

  • Gives you insights into your writing practice and keeps you writing long term.
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What they're saying

“Thank you for a terrific week and for all your guidance and tips that have helped me change my way of writing to make it a very enjoyable experience.  At last my writing is progressing.”

– Sue Burkett, fiction writer

What they're saying

“I found that being involved in the sprint was a game-changer. I didn’t hit my word count goal; but I made so many discoveries about processes that work for me that I now know how to proceed.”

– David Fitzgerald

What they're saying

“I found the 7-day sprint is terrific for getting you to sit down and write. The exercises are fun to do and it motivated me by changing the way I write.

At last, I am experiencing the joy of writing and I’m consequently progressing.”

What they're saying

“The sprint has really opened my eyes to what I can do, even if I only have 10 minutes between meetings, and how you just need to start and you will be amazed what you can produce.”

– A.L Moore

What they're saying

“Thanks Bec and Chris, for a wonderful week. I will definitely use these techniques as I continue to write. I hope to work with you again soon.”

– Heather Griffiths

What they're saying

You’re helping me to find my way back into the work habits I enjoy and that work for me.

Since writing is a key element in my career, sorting out my writing habits now is crucial. So thank you for that.”

What they're saying

I have always struggled to give myself permission to use my own ideas and voice in my writing, and always found an excuse of ‘being too busy’ to write – that’s all now changed.”

What they're saying

I was too ambitious at the start and got discouraged and derailed early on. Thanks to your daily tips and encouragements and got back on track. Finally I created almost 1000 words, and another 500 this morning. Happy sprinter here!”

What they're saying

“The writing sprint made it possible for me to be productive and commit to self-reflection on my writing process during the pandemic, when it seems downright impossible to honor my writing rituals and improve them.”

What they're saying

“Being part of a sprint was an interesting experience: writing didn’t feel so lonely and the daily prompts offered a variety of tasks which I wouldn’t have considered or attempted. These gave me new ideas on how to approach the writing and, best of all, also influenced my views on the topic I was writing about.”

We give 50 places away free each month to our newsletter subscribers

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When you sprint with us you receive

> Warm up: A pre-sprint training plan gives your 7-day goal focus, structure and direction.

> Training: 7 productivity tips provide inspiration and action along the way.

> 1-2-1 coaching: Guidance and tips from productivity experts via a private Facebook Group keep you focussed.

> Pep-talks: Daily nudges and shout-outs move you forwards each day.

> Cool down: A post-race reflection exercise embeds long term learning. 

> Celebration: A sprint certificate when you cross the finish line and warm and fuzzy feeling!

We release one sprint on the first Monday of each month – don’t miss out!

As soon as you’ve signed up you’ll receive more information plus our manifesto and your pre-sprint training plan.

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7-Day Writing Sprint: Race starts August 3rd


7-Day Writing Sprint: Race starts September 7th


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Hi there, we’re Bec and Chris, your sprint coaches for the week…

Getting off the starting blocks with any writing project can be tough. It’s also normal for things to slow down when you’re part way through.

That’s when you need a sprint – a pop of energy to get you motivated and moving in the right direction.

We designed this sprint based on our combined, 30 years’ experience coaching and cajoling writers to write.

It’s fast, fun and is just what you need to get your writing moving again.

 Good luck!

I enjoyed the challenges provided by the sprint. Whether you’re an experienced or new writer you can benefit and deepen your awareness of your process.

Liliana Pop

Researcher & consultant

A great initiative for motivation and focus. Good daily tips and nice to have the personal support of contacting the organisers by email.

Andrew Graham

PhD student

Participating in the 7-Day Sprint was a fun way to experiment and find different approaches to my writing. It was challenging, inspiring and motivational.

Patty Adams

Fiction author

The writing sprint worked well for me as a way to get back into a habit of daily writing. Chris and Bec provide useful tips and tricks to start the process and then to keep at it, as well as valuable ongoing support. 
Lucy Malouf

Food writer

I’m so glad I took the sprint as it has really helped prove that I can write even when every possible excuse not to is out there. I’ve learnt a great deal about what works for me, and how to be more creative.
Abigail Harrison Moore

Professor of art

This week has helped me to remove some of the blockages, caused by the pressure that I put on myself. Thanks to Prolifiko I’ve found new ways of working and I’ll keep writing a little bit every day.

Miriam Pelusi

PhD researcher

The 4 principles of sprint

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#1. Keep moving forwards

The idea behind a sprint is to move forwards quickly (but in a way that works for you). Now’s not the time to look back, obsess over detail or let perfectionism take over. You can always come back and revise later on.  

#2. Set a personal best

Make your seven-day writing goal personal to you. Make it realistic and don’t be over ambitious. Set a sprint goal that you can meet with everything else going on in your life. Not one you’d love to achieve but most likely won’t. 

#3. Train daily

Move your project forwards every day – even in a small way. Connecting with your writing each day means you keep your muscles warm and this helps you to maintain momentum.

#4. Have a cool down routine 

Check in with yourself after each writing session. Ask how your session went and what you’d change. Use your reflections to adapt your approach throughout the sprint.

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