Prolifiko gives people the tools, training, systems and strategies they need to have ideas and persist with their writing projects.

We use the latest research and positive persuasive technology to unlock human potential.

We provide consultancy, build technology products, deliver workshops and run training courses – all rooted in our unique, evidence-based approach to productivity, mastery and idea generation.

Prolifiko works across education, research, technology, publishing and creative sectors.

Bec’s an innovation and UX professional, with a background in publishing and writing psychology. Chris is a digital marketing and PR professional who’s also a coach, award-winning scriptwriter and former academic.

Prolifiko was inspired by Bec’s experience running an international writing centre in the UK. There she saw that it wasn’t talent that separated successful writers but writing practice, process and determination.

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Why ‘Prolifiko’?

Some people equate being highly prolific with producing dross – we disagree.

We believe that your best work will come by having lots of ideas and by having a mindset that’s open to failure – not through having One Big Idea and protecting it at all costs.

It’s only by being unashamedly and unapologetically prolific – producing lots, picking yourself up, adapting and improving – that you’ll do your very best work.

But being prolific isn’t easy. It takes knockbacks, time and energy. It can be tough and draining and it’s why people stop.

At Prolifiko we help you persist and be your best prolific self – giving you the greatest chance of success.

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