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Our story

Bec’s a business author with a career in publishing and supporting writers. She’s also the former head of an international writing school – where the idea for Prolifiko originated. She wondered why some writers struggled so much to write outside the discipline of a writing retreat – and realised that practice was just as important as talent.

Chris joined Bec on the Prolifiko journey in 2016. He is a former academic researcher, content writer, scriptwriter and communications professional with a background in journalism. He’s a trained coach and loves working with writers to solve their blocks and barriers.  

We live in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with our over-enthusiastic Labradoodle Peggy. When you enrol on one of our programmes you’ll be coached by us (but not Peggy). 

If you’re fed up of feeling stuck and want to find the motivation to get moving again, we can help!

Our approach

We believe that when it comes to writing, productivity is personal. There’s no one way to get the writing done, there are many.

Our coaching programs help you find the tactics, mindset models and approaches that fit with you and your life.

Find more time and space in your life for writing – achieve a better balance

  Stop feeling guilty and overwhelmed

 Publish more and achieve your creative and career goals

Overcome your blocks and barriers

Find a new routine that helps you keep writing long term

Client success – Pedro

Pedro is an early career researcher and ambitious academic. When he first came to us he was blocked from writing after a stressful experience writing his PhD.

After three months, Pedro regained confidence in his writing process and discovered tactics to keep him focused and motivated. He said:

Thanks to Prolifiko’s coaching I’ve been able to experiment with various writing techniques and have realised how important it is to adopt different strategies at different stages of the writing process.

I have also been able to identify bad habits, and to develop a writing routine that keeps me motivated and interested in my research while minimising feelings of guilt and overwhelm.

I would recommend them to anyone seeking to maximise their potential as a writer.

Coaching with Pedro focused on:

> Using ‘quick wins’ to build resilience strategies – avoiding anxiety and stress.

> Applying  small step techniques to minimise overwhelm.

> Developing distraction audits to encourage focus and avoid procrastination.

Find your personal writing system – a unique approach

Coaching model

How does our coaching work?

Based on thousands of hours working with writers, our coaching model helps you reflect on your writing practice and find a system that’s personal to you. We give you proven approaches, mindset models and tactics to try that build your resilience, combat your blocks and keep you motivated.

What do you mean by a ‘system’?

Productivity is personal. There’s no one way to get the writing done – there are many.  Finding what helps you is an iterative process that involves experimentation, reflection and adaption. Our coaching helps you build a system of approaches that works for you in your life as it is now.

Client success – Jessica

Jessica is a first-time novelist with a busy professional career. She wanted to write a novel for years but competing priorities always held her back.

After three months of one-to-one coaching and support, Jessica finally found the motivation and routine she needed to complete a first draft. She said:

Thank you so much for your support over the last three months. I still can’t quite believe that I’ve finished the first draft of my book. Before I signed up for coaching, I’d been trying to finish for a very long time – years, in fact – so it feels surreal and amazing to have got there.

 I would thoroughly recommend Prolifiko coaching to anyone wanting to get a writing project done. As a bonus, through the coaching I’ve got more insight into what works for me, in terms of carving out time for writing, which I can apply to future writing projects.

Coaching with Jessica focused on:

> Breaking down her project into clear achievable sections.

> Creating a roadmap of milestones and targets to meet.

> Developing prioritisation techniques to provide focus and avoid procrastination.

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Client success – Caroline

Caroline is a freelance editor and publishing professional with a career spent writing for others. However, when it came to her own writing she was blocked. She had lost motivation and was on the verge of quitting altogether.

After taking a three-month coaching course with us her productivity, mindset and self-confidence had all been transformed. She said:

Writing was leading me nowhere and I had more or less made a decision: it was time to stop. For some reason — and I’m still not sure why — I didn’t. Instead I trusted Prolifiko.

Bec is friendly and encouraging, and she keeps things simple.  And now my own habits are simple.  Ordinary.  Everyday.

I trusted Prolifiko – and I’m writing the pages.  And most days, that feels easy.  (Wish I’d found them years ago).

Coaching with Caroline focused on:

> Building a habit and moving from intermittent to daily writing.

> Techniques to identify and combat procrastination-inducing doubt.

> Developing resilience tactics to keep going day after day.

What we’ve written

How to have a happy hustle images

How to Have a Happy Hustleby Bec Evans, Icon Books, 2019

‘Genuinley fresh and jargon-free.’ – Financial Times

‘Who says making your ideas happen has to be stressful? Evans takes you through the process in simple steps, emphasising the enjoyment.’ – Red Magazine 

“A wonderful manual for how to turn your passion into a sustainable side project.” –  Molly Flatt, The Bookseller

‘Likely to be well-thumbed by all those who come across it. Done is better than perfect – as Bec says, what are you waiting for? – Anjali Ramachandran, co-founder, Ada’s List


How to Have a Happy Hustle –  winner of the start-up inspiration category in the Business Book of the Year Awards 2020 – startup category.

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We deliver face-to-face workshops and webinars to groups of writers and authors. Our workshops are expertly facilitated, packed full of highly practical exercises and can be tailored to the needs of your writers.  

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