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We are unapologetic writing productivity geeks. We’re obsessed with helping people, organisations and businesses unlock the potential that improved productivity can bring.

We’ve been developing our science-backed coaching model since 2013 and have helped over 10,000 writers across the world beat their blocks, build their confidence and finish what they start.

Bec Evans

Bec is a writer, coach, former publisher and ex-director of a writing school. She’s also author of How to Have a Happy Hustle, one of the FT’s top business books for 2019.

Chris Smith

Chris is a writer, productivity coach and communications consultant with a life-long interest in behavioural psychology, creative productivity and process.

Combat your personal barriers to writing productivity

Through traditional coaching and digital support, we help you make more time for writing, combat your personal barriers, reflect on your process and find a routine that lasts a lifetime. Connect with us to learn more about our coaching, workshops and training.

Build the foundations of a productive writing system

Honed over years and based in behavioural psychology and neuroscience, our unique coaching model gives you the tools, techniques and tips you need to find a writing producivity system that works for you and your life.

“I’m confident that without Prolifiko, I wouldn’t have hit my Q3 writing goal. (Ever, probably!) Love the beautiful simplicity of your coaching model. It’s keeping me focused on getting my writing written, not just planned.”

– Jessica Harneyford, writer.