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We guess that as you’re here…

> Your project might have stalled and you need to get unblocked fast.

> Your writing confidence has taken a knock and you need help to regain it.

> Perhaps you just need to finish writing the darn thing because it’s taking way too long.

If so, our courses can help. 


7-Day Writing Sprint

Want to give your writing a boost? Whether you’re stuck in the middle of your project or just starting out, our 7-day structured coaching programme is designed to give you and your writing a burst of much-needed energy. 

We only release one sprint each month and places fill up fast – be quick!

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4-Week Writing Bootcamp

Serious about finishing? This course is for you.

Intensive, structured and rigorous, our bootcamp course gives you the skills, techniques and mindset models you need to see your projects through to the end. 

Held quarterly, our bootcamps are designed to help you find a more healthy, easy relationship with writing and discover tactics that will help you write long term.

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Webinars for team success

Do you need to help your authors publish more? Perhaps your writers would benefit from our training for their personal career development? If so, we can help.

We deliver face-to-face workshops and webinars to groups of writers and authors. Our workshops are expertly facilitated, packed full of highly practical exercises and can be tailored to the needs of your writers.  

Supercharged support for academic writers

Our coaching and webinar packages give academics, early career researchers and PhDs the skills, resilience and persistence they need to combat their blocks and barriers to writing.

Blending online training, group support and digital coaching, we create a supportive learning  environment for academic authors to build their confidence and skills.

  • Publish more, meet REF targets
  • Grow institutional impact
  • Improve research impact
  • Increase funding opportunities and ranking

Our coaching packages help academic authors at all levels – from PhD to professor.

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Regain your confidence

"After a long career in which writing too often felt like an unpleasant uphill struggle, I’ve completely re-calibrated how I approach the process. Prolifiko unleashed my inner writer."

~ University professor

Publish more

"Without Prolifiko’s help, I would have struggled to have gotten my book over the line. They were the difference between a work-in-progress and a finished book."

~ Business author

Feel more motivated

"Writing was leading me nowhere and I'd made a decision to stop. For some reason I didn’t. Instead, I trusted Prolifiko. Now my own habits are simple.  Ordinary.  Everyday. I can't thank them enough."

- Novelist

Find the perfect routine

"Prolifiko encouraged me to reflect on my writing process and as a result I realized that a writing routine that had worked for me in the past was no longer working. I now have a new routine that is far more effective." 

- Associate professor

Unlock your potential

"Not only did I make incredible progress on my project, but I walked away with a writing practice, a keen understanding of the connection between my practice and my self-esteem, and a toolkit full of practical solutions for tackling my own idiosyncrasies moving forward."

- Memoirist and short story writer

Hi there, we’re Bec and Chris, your writing coaches…

If you take one of of our courses, either online or face to face you’ll meet us!

We’re both writing productivity coaches and trained facilitators. It’s our mission to help writers like you overcome the blocks and barriers they face to writing and achieve a more balanced, healthy relationship with their craft.

Our courses and programmes distil over 20+ years of hard-won experience coaching and cajoling writers to write and condense years of research and course development.

It’s our mission make your writing dreams a reality and give you a writing routine that will last a life time – join us!

Bec and Chris

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