Spent too long feeling stuck and frustrated with your writing? It’s time you made a change

We offer coaching programs to help you become a more regular, confident and focussed writer. Reset your relationship with writing and achieve a better balance – start here!

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Take a sprint!

Unique to Prolifiko, a 7-Day Writing Sprint is a free structured daily writing challenge that helps you blow away the cobwebs and supercharge your progress over a week.

We run one writing sprint from the first Monday of every month and getting started is simple. Sign up to our sprint club and pick a start date.

Spring clean your writing routine

This spring, get focused and feel great about your writing again with our 4-Week Bootcamp. Featuring personalised support from a dedicated accountability coach, sign up to the waiting list to save 25%. Places limited to 20.

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Coaching for group success

Do you need to help your authors publish more? Perhaps your writing community would benefit from our support to meet their goals or personal career development? If so, we can help.

We deliver group coaching plans, webinars and presentations to groups of writers and authors. Our sessions are expertly facilitated, packed full of highly practical exercises and can be tailored to the needs of your writers.  

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