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  • Free 5-day online writing challenge to get you started
  • Approach your writing goal in small, achievable steps
  • Uses a science-backed productivity system – proven to work
  • Over 60% who start with us, finish a week of writing
  • At the end of 5 days – join us to keep going

Whether it’s an essay, an article, a blog, a report or a whole book – Prolifiko is all about helping you to finally nail your writing project.

Stop delaying, start writing, join the challenge

How Prolifiko Works

  1. First, you limber up your writing muscles by taking a free 5-day challenge. Register now but start when you like.
  2. You set a writing goal and over 5 days, reach it in small achievable steps – ‘tracking’ and checking in with us along the way.
  3. We give you 5 deadlines to meet and in case you need a day off, 2 writing lives to use. But lose both lives, you’re off the challenge. Sorry :-)
  4. Once you’ve kickstarted your project and written for 5 days (62% of people do) you’ll be fully limbered up and ready to continue.
  5. So now you join Prolifiko, pick another project (make it more ambitious) and set your own deadlines. You continue writing and keep tracking– now you’re really on a roll!

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Our FREE 5-day writing challenge has helped thousands of people. It can help you too.

“The 5 day challenge is such a brilliant concept. I’ve been trying to hold myself accountable for the best part of a year with no success, but in five days of using Prolifiko I seem to have overcome my blocks.” – Emma Lannie

“Prolifiko has made a huge difference to my writing. The more I write, the more it seems to flow; and the more it flows, the better the quality. The 5-Day Challenge been a real turning point for me.” – Robert Winter

“The 5-day challenge has worked brilliantly for me. (I’ve become as addicted to it as I have to my Fitbit!). It’s really working for me as I have written far more in the last week than I would normally.” – Nicki Billington

“Your 5-day course really opened the floodgates for me. Thanks to your straightforward methodology I now have the renewed drive and mental energy I need to finish my book.” – David Marsh

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People have seen their writing projects come along in leaps and bounds after taking this free 5-day challenge.

They’ve stopped feeling the fear, they’ve found more time, their motivation has improved, their blocks have vanished – they’ve finally finished projects they never thought they’d complete.

We’ve seen people feel more positive and happy – and really grow in confidence – in just 5 days.

  We’d love it if you could join us, but it’s up to you…

“I know that sometimes, I don’t have an excuse not to write, but the days still go by without me doing anything. The 5 day challenge gave me the structure to get going, a bit like a writers’ Fitbit!” – Abi Bellows

“I’ve tutored many writing courses and the number one problem for people is keeping going afterwards, an app like yours is the best solution.” –  Tim Pears, tutor and author of nine novels.

“I really valued the challenge’s structured purposefulness which FINALLY got me off the starting blocks. It gave me a sense of accountability that kept me motivated.” – Alison Jones

“I found the 5-day writing challenge a great incentive to keep writing and not to seek excuses to avoid it. It was the reboot I needed.” – Richard Stafford

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