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Stop stressing and start writing.

Positive, guilt-free coaching and support

  1. Get focused: a step-by-step methodology means you write your projects faster and never feel overwhelmed.
  2. Reflect and learn: super-simple tracking makes your writing process plain to see.
  3. Stay motivated: nudges, streaks and rewards keep you to deadline and moving forward with your goals.
  4. Improve and progress: structured coaching videos and personalized writing data help you keep writing.

Stop delaying and start writing!

Use Prolifiko for all your writing projects – big and small – and watch your productivity increase week-by-week
Tweets from satisfied people

Harnessing neuroscience and behavioural psychology, Prolifiko keeps you focussed, motivated – and productive.

Tweets from satisfied people

Our step-by-step methodology has helped thousands – it can help you too.

Don’t delay – get started now
Discover the writing coach that helped author Wyl Menmuir get longlisted for the 2016 ManBooker Prize for his debut novel, The Many.

“If I did not have access to Prolifiko at the moment, I don’t think I would be making any progress on my collection.”
John Lugo-Trebble, short story writer

“Prolifiko has helped me figure out how I write and when I’m at my best. As a result I’ve restructured my working week to make more time. It’s the best thing I’ve used to help me write.”
Geraldine McEwan, novelist

“I’ve written more in the last week using Prolifiko than I have in the last year. I desperately need Prolifiko to keep me accountable and to feel supported rather than alone.”
Kim Hope, comedy writer

“I’ve been writing daily (something I never did before) with Prolifiko helping me find time in my schedule. Using it has not added to my workload but helped me to plan my writing more efficiently.”
Michelle Holmes, PhD candidate and senior research assistant

“Prolifiko’s been working superbly well for me. It’s given me three things: the pressure of a daily deadline, a routine which previously I didn’t have and after years of trying, a writing pattern that actually works.”
Alex Cox, short story writer


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