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Our membership programme gives you the structure, determination and focus you need to start, continue and finish your writing projects.

As a Prolifiko member you receive


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 ✓  Monthly writing sprints: Start each month with a structured 7-Day Sprint. Get your writing off to flying start and set your goals and intentions for the month.

✓  A monthly expert-led webinar: Wrap-up each month with a live coaching webinar and Q&A. Reflect on your progress, discover new tactics to use and learn from your coaches and the group.

✓  Full access to Prolifiko Digital: Monitor your progress week by week and see your process improve with our unique writing productivity app and platform.

✓  Community accountability: Join a group of like-minded writers, chat to others and receive cheerleading and support.

✓  A coaching library of productivity tips:  Get access to a private area of our website with tips, worksheets, exercises and guidance.

✓  Money off: 25% off all our training programmes and coaching plans.

✓  Be the first to read: Join our beta reading group to receive excerpts of our new writing productivity book.


I could never get it together sufficiently to write a thesis while working at the same time. Prolifiko gave me much-needed structure and I could see how my thesis was developing over time. I didn’t always chart my efforts with the regularity I should have and I didn’t always meet my deadlines, but your willingness to engage with me during the hardest of times made all the difference! I passed by viva in Oct 2019. Your encouragement was pivotal to that!

- Deborah Husbands

Kickstart and continue your writing – write with us!

Hi there, we’re Bec and Chris, writing productivity coaches and the founders of Prolifiko and we’re here to get you writing – and keep you writing. 

One-off coaching plans and courses can be great but we know that many writers want ongoing structured support to keep productive and beat their blocks.

If that sounds like you – join us!

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5 reasons you should join today!

✓  Ongoing support: Build your practice long term and meet your writing goals with expert guidance.

✓  Structure: A tried and tested coaching format which helps you set, revise and review your writing goals month-by-month.

✓  Expertise: Advice, unique technology tools and access to a library of productivity tips when you’re stuck.

✓  Accountability: Check-ins to keep you focused, motivated and moving forwards with your writing.

✓  Community support: An active community of fellow writers to share experiences and advice if and when you need it.

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Bec and Chris are the real deal. They challenge with compassion which given the state of the world, is exactly what you need to achieve your goal.

John Lugo-Trebble

Writer and blogger

I used to find the writing process very daunting but the mentoring I received from Prolifiko has helped me rethink the way I approach writing.

Liam Morris

Academic writer

Bec and Chris are positive and encouraging and keep pushing you forward all the time, as well as offering you a hand when you stumble. Thank you so much. 

Anna Chilvers


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Sprint every month – it’s the best way to kickstart a routine

As a member, you get to take our popular 7-Day Writing Sprint every month for free.

Kickstart each month of writing with a structured coaching plan and receive accountability and support from your coaches and an active writing community.

Keep learning with expert-led webinars

Once you’ve kickstarted your writing, you’ll want structure, tips and support to continue!

Every month we respond to you and your community’s coaching needs with a live webinar and Q&A.

Use the webinars as an opportunity to ask the coaches your burning questions and to receive personalised advice, tips and recommendations. 

Regain your confidence

“After a long career in which writing too often felt like an unpleasant uphill struggle, I’ve completely re-calibrated how I approach the process. Prolifiko unleashed my inner writer.”

– University professor

Publish more

“Without Prolifiko’s help, I would have struggled to have gotten my book over the line. They were the difference between a work-in-progress and a finished book.”

– Business author

Feel more motivated

“Writing was leading me nowhere and I’d made a decision to stop. For some reason I didn’t. Instead, I trusted Prolifiko. Now my own habits are simple.  Ordinary.  Everyday. I can’t thank them enough.”

– Novelist

Find the perfect routine

“Prolifiko encouraged me to reflect on my writing process and as a result I realized that a writing routine that had worked for me in the past was no longer working. I now have a new routine that is far more effective.” 

– Associate professor

Unlock your potential

“Not only did I make incredible progress on my project, but I walked away with a writing practice, a keen understanding of the connection between my practice and my self-esteem, and a toolkit full of practical solutions for tackling my own idiosyncrasies moving forward.”

– Non-fiction and short story writer

Beat your blocks

I used to find the writing process daunting and even distressing, but the mentoring I received from Prolifiko has helped me rethink the way I approach writing. I now enjoy writing, have much more confidence and have tailored strategies in place that enable me to achieve my writing goals in my own way.”

– PhD researcher

Build a routine with Prolifiko Digital - exclusive to members

Prolifiko Digital is a unique writing productivity app and platform that helps you track your writing progress on the go and find a process that suits you and your life.

✓  Featured in The Guardian, Sunday Times, Mslexia and Writing Magazine. 

✓  Credited by author Wyl Menmuir for helping him finish his ManBookerPrize longlisted novel The Many.

  • Start writing: Approach your projects in bite-size steps so you never feel overwhelmed.
  • Keep going: Track your writing progress, figure out what tactics work (and which don’t).
  • Stay focussed: Manage all your writing projects from one simple dashboard.
  • Finish on time: Keep motivated, keep moving forward. Never miss a deadline again.
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