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Kickstart and continue your writing – write with us!

Hi there, we’re Bec and Chris, writing productivity coaches and the founders of Prolifiko and we’re here to get you writing – and keep you writing. 

One-off coaching plans and courses can be great but we know that many writers want ongoing structured support to keep productive and beat their blocks.

If that sounds like you – join us!

5 reasons you should join today!

✓  Ongoing support: Build your practice long term and meet your writing goals with expert guidance.

✓  Structure: A tried and tested coaching format which helps you set, revise and review your writing goals month-by-month.

✓  Expertise: Advice, unique technology tools and access to a library of productivity tips when you’re stuck.

✓  Accountability: Check-ins to keep you focused, motivated and moving forwards with your writing.

✓  Community support: An active community of fellow writers to share experiences and advice if and when you need it.

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Bec and Chris are the real deal. They challenge with compassion which given the state of the world, is exactly what you need to achieve your goal.

John Lugo-Trebble

Writer and blogger

I used to find the writing process very daunting but the mentoring I received from Prolifiko has helped me rethink the way I approach writing.

Liam Morris

Academic writer

Bec and Chris are positive and encouraging and keep pushing you forward all the time, as well as offering you a hand when you stumble. Thank you so much. 

Anna Turner


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