How to Have a Happy Hustle – by Bec Evans


Winner of the start-up inspiration category at the 2020 Business Book Awards, How to Have a Happy Hustle shares the secrets of innovation experts and startup founders to help you make your ideas happen.



If you’re looking for fulfilment outside the day job, have an idea but don’t know where to start, or are held back by a lack of confidence, experience, time or money, Bec Evans will help you get off the starting blocks with this complete guide to making your ideas happen.
There’s no getting away from it – hustling is hard work – but with practical tools, inspiring stories, science-backed research and guidance every step of the way, you’ll find what makes you happy as you build your side hustle.
Published by Icon Books.
  • ‘It’s impossible to read this book without being inspired and energised … Essential reading for any start-up or entrepreneur, at any stage of the journey.’ – Alison Jones, Host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast and author of This Book Means Business
  • ‘Genuinely fresh and jargon-free’ – Financial Times
  • ‘Who says making your ideas happen has to be stressful? Tech startup founder Evans takes you through the process in simple steps, emphasising the enjoyment’ - Red Magazine
  • ‘A wonderful manual for how to turn your passion into a sustainable side project without capitulating to brogrammer-driven, unicorn-chasing, growth-obsessed Silicon Valley startup culture.’ - Molly Flatt, comment editor at The Bookseller 
  • ‘Likely to be well-thumbed by all those who come across it. Done is better than perfect – as Bec says, what are you waiting for?’ - Anjali Ramachandran, director of Storythings and co-founder of Ada’s List
  • ‘A refreshing approach to the startup hustle, Bec offers a compelling blend of practical advice and inspiration.’ - Stuart Clarke, festival director of Leeds Digital Festival