KICKSTART your writing this year

KICKSTART is a 4-week structured coaching course created by Prolifiko giving you the confidence, focus and motivation you need to prioritise writing in your life.

If you wait for the perfect time to start writing it may never happen. The key is to start with your life as is – in all its messy glory. 

Find a new writing routine that’s yours for keeps 


Too many writers waste too much time and energy waiting for the ideal time to get stuck into their writing. KICKSTART 2020 helps you prioritise writing with your life as it is – not in some imagined perfect life.

When you take a realistic approach to your writing you develop healthy writing habits that stick. Week by week you will learn: 

  • Proactive noticing tactics to avoid perfectionism and negative thinking
  • Prioritisation techniques to help you manage your time
  • Resilience frameworks that help you build your confidence 
  • Powerful mental models that help you overcome procrastination
  • Obstacle planning strategies to manage your distractions and barriers
  • Unblocking tactics so your writing flows more easily and more pleasurably


Whatever you want to write, we can help 


KICKSTART is delivered by a mix of science-backed practical assignments, reflection exercises, and live, expert-led webinars and Q&As. Your package also includes full access to our unique writing productivity platform and app. 

20+ years of hard-won expertise and trial and error distilled into:

  • 8 practical assignments
  • 4 reflection exercises
  • 4 live webinars and Q&As with expert coaches
  • 4 ‘office hours’ for writing pep talks or emergencies plus,
  • a 7-day structured writing sprint

Your package also includes:


  • Pre-course writing practice warm up
  • Perpetual access to Prolifiko’s expert tip sheets and tool kits plus,
  • EPIC BONUS:  6 months’ subscription to Prolifiko Digital (standalone price £99)

The course is currently closed.

To be notified when it opens and to receive some great discounts, enter your email.  

Regain your writing confidence and motivation in four weeks 



Get 2020 vision on your writing goal

Identify your writing barriers and potential by practicing 'pro-active noticing'.

> Get off the starting blocks with a motivating goal

> Develop laser-like focus on your writing process

> Learn the transformational power of reflective practice




Tailor your practice with clear-eyed insight 

Craft a personal system that keeps you focused and builds your resilience.

> Find your optimum writing times

> Discover (and defeat) your procrastination tendencies

> Design your perfect accountability 'ecosystem'



Power up your plans with obstacle thinking

Create a realistic implementation plan - now and for the future

> Manage distractions and interruptions

> Avoid obstacles and blocks before they knock you off course

> Tackle over-optimistic thinking



Put your plan to work

Supercharge a piece of writing with a 7-day writing sprint.

> Stay focused with a structured writing challenge

> Keep motivated with daily accountability nudges

> Don't stop! Build a rock-solid plan that's with you for life


Hi there, we’re Bec and Chris, writing productivity experts, co-founders of Prolifiko and your KICKSTART 2020 coaches for the month…

Together we have 20 years + experience working with writers, editors and publishers and so far, our coaching programmes have helped over 10,000 writers overcome their writing blocks.

We’ve conducted research to understand what makes the most productive writers tick and written a book of our own – one of the FT’s top business books of 2019.

Now, we’ve taken all that learning, trial and error and hard-won experience and distilled it down into this KICKSTART course. We’re passionate about helping you fulfil your writing potential so if you believe it’s time to put your writing first, we can help


Your great value KICKSTART 2020 course includes a six month subscription to Prolifiko Digital


KICKSTART comes with full access to Prolifiko Digital, our productivity tracker recommended by The Guardian, Sunday Times, Mslexia and Writing Magazine. 

  • Keep track of your writing progress on the go
  • Accessible across desktop and mobile
  • Manage all your writing projects from one place
  • Works seamlessly with all your Prolifiko courses
  • Includes a bank of expert tips, resources and tool kits
  • Keeps you writing, builds your motivation long term


Unlock your potential, get a writing routine that lasts 

Prolifiko coaching is transforming lives right now

I still can’t quite believe that I’ve finished the first draft of my novel. Before I signed up for Prolifiko’s coaching, I’d been trying to finish for a very long time – years, in fact – so it feels surreal and amazing to have got there. I would thoroughly recommend the coaching programme to anyone wanting to get a writing project done.

- Jessica Harneyford, novelist

I made incredible progress on my project through Prolifiko’s coaching. I also walked away with a new writing process, a keen understanding of the connection between my practice and my self-esteem and a toolkit of practical solutions for tackling my own idiosyncrasies moving forward. I can’t thank them enough.

- Jo Jackson, memoirist and fiction writer

After a long academic career in which writing too often felt like an unpleasant uphill struggle, I’ve completely recalibrated how I approach the process. Prolifiko encouraged a spirit of experimentation, creatively responding to my reflections, and unleashed my inner writer.

- Professor, University of Leeds, UK

I used to find the writing process very daunting and even distressing, but the mentoring I received from Prolifiko has helped me rethink the way I approach writing. I now enjoy writing, have much more confidence and have tailored strategies in place that enable me to achieve my writing goals in my own way.

- Liam Morris, PHD researcher

Setting a short term goal, then creating actionable tasks in the coaching process made me accountable – which kept me writing. But, the real prize in this method is Bec’s identification, as a writer, with the processes involved in producing a book, setting ‘easy wins’ made for easy gains. Empowering stuff.

- Gerri Frame, non-fiction author

I came to Prolifiko because I needed to finish a business book that had been sitting on my desk and making me feel guilty for too long. By helping me to prioritise my writing goals (and my life) Prolifiko helped me to finally finish ‘draft zero’. I can’t tell you how much this means to me – thank you!

- Mike Collins, business author

Featured in:

If you have a writing project to tackle, don’t wait for inspiration to strike, don’t wait for the perfect moment to arrive. Get writing with your life as it is right now.  

The course is currently closed.

To be notified when it opens and to receive some great discounts, enter your email.  


When will the course start and end? 

The course is four weeks long and will be starting at two points over 2020.

Is the course for a particular type of writer or writing? 

No we are VERY inclusive. Our coaching programs are about helping you to improve your productivity and get unblocked whatever you are writing. Professors, poets, business writers, PhDs, novelists, short story writers, scriptwriters, memoirists (you get the picture) are all welcome…

How’s it delivered and structured?

Your KICKSTART course is delivered via a mixture of email assignments, videos and live webinars with Q&As. Each week you receive two new exercises and we follow this up with a webinar and a live Q&A to consolidate learning, answer any questions you have and introduce the next week’s activities. We also host weekly ‘office hours’ for pep talks and writing emergencies.

Do I need to do all the exercises?

We can’t make you do the work, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t make time for the exercises. We’ve designed the course around a pedagogy which mean that one week’s theme flows into the next. It really is up to you.

Do I need to come prepared?

The KICKSTART course is designed for people who already have a project (or projects) that they want to write. Before the course starts, we’ll send you a questionnaire to help you start thinking through what you want to achieve from the course and how you want to advance your writing practice.

I don’t know what to write – can you help?

No, we’re sorry but this course isn’t right for you. It’s for writers who have a project in mind or have a work in progress and want to invest in improving their writing practice.

How involved will Bec and Chris be in the course?

We’ll be involved each week, keeping the course moving and delivering a weekly webinar and Q&A session. We’ll also be holding a weekly ‘office hour’ in the Facebook group to answer immediate questions you have about the course and your writing practice, the barriers you face, and to celebrate your progress and breakthroughs. However, we won’t be available to answer one-to-one questions outside that time and we will not be able to give individual feedback on your work.

How long should I allow each week? 

The weekly webinar will be around 45 minutes each week and you’ll receive two emails each week with exercises. Each exercise will take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete – but this depends on you. However, outside of this you’ll probably want to do your own writing so you’ll need to factor that in too.

What if the time’s not right to do the course?

No problem – but let us ask you this: Be honest with yourself. Do you REALLY see a time that will ever be right? This course is all about finding a time NOW in the busyness and chaos of your life as it is. You might never find a perfect time… just sayin’…

You’re Brits right – how will this work if I’m in a different time zone?

Indeed we are Brits (you mean you can hear us drinking Earl Grey from our bone china tea cups from where you are?) The webinars will be GMT but will be recorded so we welcome writers from across the globe.

Are there any marked assignments at the end? 

No, it’s not school. We don’t mark your work or note your attendance. We trust you to show up and write – and if the muse strikes midway – you can play hooky.

Will the course help me come up with ideas? 

KICKSTART is predominantly about helping writers to combat their blocks and barriers to writing and improving their productivity in a way that’s meaningful to them. It’s not really about idea generation although that’s usually a happy by-product from engaging with your writing. 

Do you review or edit my writing?

No. Although you can ask our other participants and you might be able to find someone to buddy up with. We find that writing groups are great for accountability and for building longer term structure to support your writing.

Is there a community forum

Yes, you get full access to our members’ only Facebook group when you take this course.

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