Prolifiko Membership

£10.00 / month

Our great value monthly membership package gives you the support, expertise and accountability you need to start, continue and finish your writing projects. For just £10/month you receive:

✓  Monthly writing sprints: Start each month with a structured 7-Day Sprint. Get your writing off to flying start and set your goals and intentions for the month.

✓  A monthly expert-led webinar: Wrap-up each month with a live coaching webinar and Q&A. Reflect on your progress, discover new tactics to use and learn from your coaches and the group.

✓  Full access to Prolifiko Digital: Monitor your progress and see your process improve with our unique writing productivity app and platform.

✓  Community accountability: Join a group of like-minded writers, chat to others and receive cheerleading and support.

✓  A coaching library of productivity tips:  Get access to a private area of our website with tips, worksheets, exercises and guidance.

✓  Money off: 25% off all our training programmes and coaching plans.

✓  Be the first to read: Join our beta reading group to receive excerpts of our new writing productivity book.

Our membership package is built from a whole host of resources that you can use to start, continue and finish your writing projects. Join for motivation, accountability, expert coaching and cheerleading. Membership is a subscription service and has been designed to improve your writing practice and develop your process month-by-month. There is no joining fee. You will be billed monthly for this service and you can leave programme at any time with no penalties.

Joining gives you:

✓  Ongoing support: Build your practice long term and meet your writing goals with expert guidance.

✓  Structure: A tried and tested coaching format which helps you set, revise and review your writing goals month-by-month.

✓  Expertise: Advice, unique technology tools and access to a library of productivity tips when you're stuck.

✓  Accountability: Check-ins to keep you focused, motivated and moving forwards with your writing.

✓  Community support: An active community of fellow writers to share experiences and advice if and when you need it.

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