Science-backed productivity coaching focused on the needs of writers

As a writer, you might know what you want to say but busyness, confidence, perfectionism and procrastination often get in the way.

We coach you to overcome these barriers and become more productive and fulfilled as a result.

We offer a unique blend of traditional and digital training packages for individuals, teams, organisations and businesses.

Individual writers

Make time, stay accountable, finish your projects


Upskill teams and improve content creation

Institutions and organisations

Advance researcher and staff development – improve retention

Publishers and content providers

Increase productivity, content and revenue – reduce delay

“Prolifiko’s program covered incredibly interesting research into writing habits that they’ve carried out. They have a clear grasp of the challenges academics face when it comes to trying to find time to write. Highly recommended!”

– Prof. Kate Pullinger, director, Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries, Bath Spa University.

One-to-one coaching plans

Workshops and speaking events

Webinars and online tutorials

Online productivity courses

Tailored content

“Prolifiko ran an engaging and professional workshop that gave us lots of ideas on how to further support the research and writing of our early career researchers.”

– Prof. Stephanie Decker, associate dean of research, Aston University Business School.

Find a writing routine that lasts a lifetime!


All coachees receive a free subscription to our digital productivity platform offering ongoing support in a positive coaching environment.

> Reduce overwhelm: achieve your writing goal in small steps

> Keep motivated: see your progress and adapt via tracking data

> Stay focused: get nudges and rewards along the way

> Keep improving: learn with in-app video and coaching content