The week in writing – from self-publishing to streaks

This week in calendar

There were puns aplenty with the news that older women dominate the growth in self-publishing. Big cheer to Alison Baverstock, associate professor in publishing at Kingston University in England, for her research which found:

  • 65% of self-publishers are women with 35% men
  • Nearly two-thirds of self-publishers are aged 41 to 60
  • A fabulous 27% are aged over 61
  • Half are in full-time employment
  • 32% have a degree and 44% a higher degree.

Read more on The Guardian.

Persistence is key for bloggers

People loved ‘Ten reasons to blog even if no one reads it‘ infographic from I blog because I enjoy doing it, and it helps to improve my writing – I suppose that ticks off reasons 2 and 3.

10 reasons to blog even if not one reads it

Add some joy to your note taking!

Smashing Magazine encouraged us all to get creative with its post on Sketchnotes.

Rethink and Defeat Negative Thoughts

Banish that negativity with wise and beautiful advice from Happify Daily.

Check out the snippet below encouraging us to journal or write down and let go of those bad thoughts.

Banish negativity

In other news

We had double conference dates, going along to FutureBook to find out about all things futuristic in the world of books – and increasingly apps. There were so many amazing presentations and panels I can’t begin to summarise, so will share that eBooks are the top of the shopping list of consumers’ online purchases according to a recent Nielsen survey of 30,000 people in 60 countries.

I also did a presentation to the National Association for Writers in Education annual conference asking whether writing practice can be taught and whether technology can help.

Make a date for writing

We were very, very excited to unveil our new calendar function on Write-Track. For the last fortnight I’ve managed to write 6 days of 7. I’m determined to get a full streak next week!

Last fortnight on the calendar

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