Enjoying Written? You’ll love our RESET programme

If you want to get writing in 2023 join RESET, our 4-week coaching programme where you’ll work directly with Bec and Chris the authors of Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit that Lasts.

Starting this April, places are limited and cost just £400.

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Prolifiko’s simple tools of crafting goals and engaging with daily reflection will be with me for years to come, their support structure is built to last!

- Lettie Conrad, writer, consultant and editor

Joining Prolifiko’s RESET programme was quite simply, the best decision I’ve ever made in support of my academic career.
- Stephanie, tenured professor

At the end of the programme I’d achieved my goals and was back in the zone. I came away with some great ways to deal with the pressures of a major writing project.

- Louise, young adult fiction author

Hi there 👋 we’re Bec and Chris, the authors of Written and your coaches for the month…

If you’ve read our book Written, you’ll know that we believe that productivity is personal – that there’s no one way to get the writing done – there are many.

We designed our RESET programme to help you find the approaches, tools and tactics that work for you.

Over four weeks we work directly with you applying our methodology, expertise and experience to your personal writing challenges.

If reading our book has helped, working with us will be transformative.

We hope to speak to you soon. 

Bec and Chris

Bec and chris

Chris and Bec take you on a wonderfully thoughtful journey, backed up by science. They are highly competent, as well as truly gentle and respectful mentors. I have learned beyond anything I had imagined during the programme. Mostly I have found new ways to develop my writing practice, in my own very singular ways. Many thanks for the wonderful work you do! This has been empowering.

- Associate professor, Brussels

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I really found the last 4 weeks very helpful and I would like to thank Prolifiko for their support. I much appreciate all the tips, exercises and reflections, which sometimes were uncomfortable but in the end they made me grow. Thanks very much!

- Karla Zimpel-Leal

The Written method

Build a writing habit that lasts

Over 4 weeks we help you find a realistic writing goal, identify the tactics that work (and don’t work) for you and create a plan of action for future writing success.

Along the way we give you the tools to build your resilience and confidence, tips on managing doubt and beating procrastination. We’ll help you discover the tactics that will keep you writing long term.

Based in research, our methodology helps you test out new approaches in a safe and supportive coaching environment and build a system of approaches that is uniquely yours.

Having completed a 7-Day Writing Sprint I already knew how influential working with Prolifiko was, how it could and would change my approach and attitude to writing, and the Reset programme confirmed this. I’ve found ways of managing a long-term fear of committing words to the page and have produced some writing that I am really happy with. You have given me a new energy to write.

Prof. Abigail Harrison Moore

Over 4 weeks you receive

  • Personalised support from one of the co-authors of Written.
  • A tried and tested coaching programme based around reflective  practice and accountability.
  • Deep dive coaching calls that top and tail the course.
  • Weekly themes exploring an area of writing practice.
  • Twice-weekly accountability and trouble-shooting check-ins with your coach.
  • Tailored tips and exercises – responsive to your needs.
Written the book

The plan was invaluable for me. Your coaching allowed me to identify what was limiting me and in time, working through the issues, setting up a regular writing routine. I had the chance to find what works for me and I ended the programme with a key piece of writing drafted. I am now writing regularly and I am so thankful for the support offered.

- Jackie Walumbe, researcher

Prolifiko showed me how to reflect on and understand my own writing process, encouraging me to experiment with different approaches. Some months on, I continue to make use of the insights and tools. This is a terrific course that really helps you to play to your strengths and deal with obstacles.  Highly recommended! 

- Kirsten Lloyd, academic writer

How it works

Week 1: Dealing with obstacles

The first week is about managing obstacles and planning ahead. We hone down your writing goal and investigate the common obstacles and barriers that you face.

✓ Become more conscious of the things that stop you writing

✓ Implement strategies to combat your barriers

✓ Understand the fundamentals of reflective practice – a life-long skill

Week 2: Your time and how to manage it

Next, the focus turns to time: finding it, managing it, scheduling it and prioritising writing alongside other things going on in your life.

✓ Discover your scheduling type

✓ Develop ways you use your time more effectively

✓ Learn how to prioritise writing in your life

Week 3: Managing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours

Week 3 is about tackling your writing demons: distraction, anxiety, procrastination, self-doubt and guilt. You understand what blockers hold you back and develop new strategies to beat them.

✓ Learn tactics that address negative thoughts

✓ Tackle your unhelpful behaviours and toxic cycles

✓ Manage distractions and design a productive writing environment

 Week 4: Keeping going and staying focussed

The final week is about keeping going. You learn the tactics, tips, behaviours and mental models that will keep you moving forwards and feeling motivated – long term.

✓ Learn what helps you write and embed them into your process

✓ Regain your focus, confidence and motivation

✓ Build a rock-solid practice that’s with you for life

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When will the next programme start and end?

RESET takes place between 3rd and 28th of April. You will receive a coaching call before and after the programme to ensure the content is tailored to you. 

How much does it cost?

£400 with 25% off when you join the waiting list. 

Is the course for a particular type of writer or writing?

We are VERY inclusive. Our coaching programs are about helping you to improve your productivity and get unblocked whatever you are writing. Professors, poets, business writers, PhDs, novelists, short story writers, scriptwriters, memoirists (you get the picture) are all welcome and will all benefit.

Will the programme help me improve my grammar, punctuation and English language skills?

The reset programme does not cover writing craft or elements of style, fluency or literacy. It is primarily about helping you to improve your writing practice and your process – focusing on topics like how you find consistency, how you manage your time, how you deal with blocks and barriers etc.

Is it really personalised and tailored?

Yes. We don’t send you generic advice we give you coaching support that’s 100% tailored to your needs. You receive direct email advice and coaching throughout the programme from a dedicated coach.

How much time will it take?

You don’t need to dedicate extra time to do the programme. The programme isn’t a ‘course’ in a traditional sense – it’s coaching.  We don’t intend to give you ‘another thing to do’ the programme is about helping you reflect on how you write and the blocks and barriers you face. There are no lessons involved but rather, we give you reflection exercises to try and tip sheets to read – but only when and where you need these.

How’s it delivered and structured?

Our RESET programme is a combination of reflective practice and accountability. It kicks off with a 30-40 minute call where we talk about your specific writing blocks and barriers and what you need from coaching. We give you a theme to focus on at start of the week and you receive a check in at the end of the week from Bec or Chris – depending on who your dedicated coach is.

This helps you reflect on your progress and provides accountability.  We provide support throughout and where needed, we send you tips, exercise sheets and further reading. Your coaches are available by email at any time. 

Tell me about the coaching calls

On your initial call you work with either Bec or Chris to determine a goal for the 4-week programme and discuss what you want from the coaching. We delve into your writing challenges and offer immediate advice and support, signposting you to downloadable tip sheets and exercises where necessary. This provides you with the support and accountability to need to progress your writing.

Do I need to do all the reflection exercises?

As with life in general, you only get out what you put in. We can’t make you do the work, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t make time for the exercises we send you. We’ve designed the course around a pedagogy which mean that one week’s theme flows into the next, so it builds week by week. The writers who engage fully with the programme get the most out of it, those who don’t, don’t. It’s really up to you.

Do I need to come prepared?

The RESET plan is designed for people who already have a project (or projects) that they want to write. Before it starts, we’ll send you a questionnaire to help you start thinking through what you want to achieve from the RESET programme and how you want to advance your writing practice. This will support your preparation and help you plan for the course.

I don’t have anything to write – can you help?

No. This programme isn’t right for you. It’s for writers who have a project in mind or have a work in progress and want to invest in improving their writing practice. We can help you choose the best project to work on, but you do need an idea before taking the course.

How involved will Bec and Chris be in the course?

You be allocated either Bec or Chris as your coach at the beginning of the course. They will be fully involved throughout, starting with your initial coaching call and keeping the course moving through each of the assignments. You can contact them at any time via email.  The course will close with a final coaching session to discuss your next steps. 

What if the time’s not right to do the course?

No problem – but let us ask you this: Be honest with yourself. Do you REALLY see a time that will ever be right? This course is all about finding a time NOW in the busyness and chaos of your life as it is. You might never find a perfect time… just sayin’…

You’re Brits right – how will this work if I’m in a different time zone?
Indeed we are Brits (you mean you can hear us drinking Earl Grey from our bone china tea cups from where you are?). The emails will be sent early morning in GMT/BST and coaching calls will be organised at a time that suits us both. We regularly welcome writers to our programmes from across the globe so will be as flexible as we can.

Are there any marked assignments at the end?
No, it’s not school so we don’t mark your work. However, each week we will ask you to submit a reflection so we can support your learning and monitor your progress. Again, this is about working with you to develop your process and practice over the course of a month.

Will the course help me come up with ideas?

The bootcamp is predominantly about helping writers to combat their blocks and barriers to writing and improving their productivity in a way that’s meaningful to them. It’s not really about idea generation although that’s usually a happy by-product from engaging with your writing.

Do you review or edit my writing?
No. Although you can ask our other participants and you might be able to find someone to buddy up with. We find that writing groups are great for accountability and for building longer term structure to support your writing.


If you have any other questions not answered here, please email us on: beprolifiko@gmail.com