How Prolifiko Works

First, you limber up your writing muscles by taking our free 5-day challenge.
You set a writing goal and over 5 days, reach it in small achievable steps – ‘tracking’ and checking in with us along the way.
We give you 5 deadlines to meet and in case you need a day off, 2 writing lives to use. But lose both lives, you’re off the challenge. Sorry :-)

Once you’ve kickstarted your project and written for 5 days (62% of people do) you’ll be fully limbered up and ready to continue.

So now you join Prolifiko, pick another project (make it more ambitious this time) and set your own deadlines. You continue writing and keep tracking – now you’re really on a roll.
Wyl Menmuir Man Booker Image
Write Track has supported me from the first words I put on the page, through to signing my first publishing deal, fulfilling a dream I’ve had for 30 years.”
Wyl Menmuir, debut novelist and author of The Many, long listed for the 2016 Man Booker Prize for Fiction.
  • "I've been trying to hold myself accountable for the best part of a year with no success, but in five days of using Prolifiko I seem to have overcome my blocks." - Emma
  • "I really valued the challenge's structured purposefulness which FINALLY got me off the starting blocks. It gave me a sense of accountability that kept me motivated." - Alison
  • "Before your challenge, writing was just a pipe dream. Now I've established a whole new writing routine. I'd recommend your programme to anyone." – Lee
  • “I found the challenge to be extremely useful. It came at exactly the right time for me, and it's kicked me back onto the wagon after a while of ridiculous procrastination." - Tara
  • "I’m amazed I was able to find the time to write despite working my day job. Actually, what was amazing was the power of commitment and accountability. What I achieved is all testimony to your product." – Roy
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