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Conquer self-doubt, beat your blocks, meet your deadlines – find a writing routine that lasts a lifetime.


Online training, digital support and in-person coaching courses for writers, researchers, publishers and universities. 





Make more time for writing

Rooted in a unique, science-backed productivity method, our coaching courses for writers give you the tools and techniques you need to put your writing first. 

  • Publishers: Increase author productivity and reduce delay.
  • Organisations: Improve author engagement and ranking.
  • Individuals: Transform your productivity and reduce stress.

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Who we work with:

Embed positive writing habits

Blending traditional training, one-to-one support and digital coaching, we create a supportive and encouraging learning environment that helps you find a writing routine that fits with your life.

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“Prolifiko has really boosted my confidence. I now feel I can reach my goals and get the project done in my own way. If you want to write but feel daunted, or if you have trouble finishing your writing projects, Prolifiko is just the thing you need.”

– Felicity Griffin Clarke, writer and editor

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