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Structured writing productivity courses and expert coaching to help you achieve a healthier and more balanced relationship with writing. Grow in confidence,  manage your distractions, find the motivation you need to see your writing projects through to the end.

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Find a writing routine that’s realistic, practical and long-lasting

“I spend all my time preparing to write and no time writing – I want a healthier balance.”

“I used to write well but this time it’s tough – I need to make a serious change.”

“My writing’s important to me but I can’t seem to move forwards – and that’s getting me down.”

“This writing project’s dragged on for too long – it’s time to focus and finish the darned thing fast!”

Does this sound like you? You’re in the right place…


7-Day Writing Sprint

Whether you’re stuck in the middle of a writing project or starting a new one, our 7-Day Writing Sprints help you blow away the cobwebs and give you the structure, focus and accountability you need to need to finish. We run a writing sprint from the first Monday of every month.    


4-Week Writing Bootcamp

Coming this January, our tried and tested bootcamp format, gives you the insight, accountability and structure you need to finish now – and develop a long-term writing habit. Featuring support from a dedicated writing coach, we have only 40 places available.

£399 per place

Personalised Coaching

Delivered over Skype or phone, our one-to-one productivity and accountability coaching  gives you a healthier, more balanced relationship with writing.  We offer three month programmes and one off intensive coaching sessions.

3 month plans cost £999

91% of our 7-Day Sprinters smash their weekly writing goal*

Unique to Prolifiko, a 7-Day Writing Sprint is a FREE structured daily writing challenge that helps you blow away the cobwebs and supercharge your progress over a week.

We run one writing sprint from the first Monday of every month and getting started is simple. Sign up to our sprint club and pick a start date. Find out more about sprinting. 

*Based on a sample of 7-Day Sprint writers across 2020 who met their goal in full or in-part.

“Prolifiko helped me find the motivation to make writing a habit.”

- Wyl Menmuir, author of The Many, longlisted for the ManBooker Prize

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I could never get it together sufficiently to write a thesis while working at the same time. Prolifiko gave me much-needed structure and I could see how my work was developing over time. Your willingness to engage with me during the hardest of times made all the difference!

I passed by viva in Oct 2019 – your encouragement was pivotal to that!

- Dr Deborah Husbands, senior lecturer

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Unlock your writing potential – finish all your projects


If you’ve reached a crunch point with your writing and need a supercharged productivity boost – we’re here for you!

You’ll finish our coaching with the tactics and mindset models you need to achieve your writing ambitions. 

✓ Become a more regular, focussed writer.

✓ Gain an easier, more relaxed relationship with writing. 

✓ Replace bad writing habits with good ones. 

✓ Feel more confident, more motivated – more likely to finish!

“After a long career in which writing too often felt like an unpleasant uphill struggle, I’ve completely re-calibrated how I approach the process. Prolifiko unleashed my inner writer.”

– University professor

“Without Prolifiko’s help, I would have struggled to have gotten my book over the line. They were the difference between a work-in-progress and a finished book.”

– Business author

“Writing was leading me nowhere and I’d made a decision to stop. For some reason I didn’t. Instead, I trusted Prolifiko. Now my own habits are simple.  Ordinary.  Everyday. I can’t thank them enough.”

– Novelist

“Prolifiko encouraged me to reflect on my writing process and as a result I realized that a writing routine that had worked for me in the past was no longer working. I now have a new routine that is far more effective.” 

– Associate professor

“Not only did I make incredible progress on my project, but I walked away with a writing practice, a keen understanding of the connection between my practice and my self-esteem, and a toolkit full of practical solutions for tackling my own idiosyncrasies moving forward.”

– Memoirist and short story writer

“Thanks to Prolifiko’s coaching I’ve realised how important it is to adopt different strategies at different stages of the writing process. I’ve also been able to identify bad habits and develop a writing routine that keeps me motivated and interested in my research while minimising feelings of guilt and overwhelm.”

– Early career researcher

Hi there, we’re Bec and Chris, writing productivity coaches and co-founders of Prolifiko

Some writers baulk at the idea of ‘productivity’ – we get this!

But for us, productivity isn’t necessarily about cranking out more words or sitting at your desk for longer. Often, quite the reverse.

It’s about achieving whatever ambitions you have as a writer, making peace with your inner critic and finding certain tactics, routines and habits that support you.

It’s our mission make your writing dreams a reality and give you a writing routine that will last a life time – join us!

Bec and Chris

Find out more about the founders. 

Photo of Bec and Chris Prolifiko founders
Bec and Chris are the real deal. They challenge with compassion which given the state of the world, is exactly what you need to achieve your goal.
John Lugo-Trebble

Writer and blogger

Bec and Chris are positive and encouraging and keep pushing you forward all the time, as well as offering you a hand when you stumble. Thank you so much. 
Anna Chilvers


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Prolifiko coaching gives you…


✓  Tactics that build long-lasting writing routines and help you prioritise.

✓ Strategies that improve your focus, resilience, motivation and confidence.

✓  Mindset models that get you unstuck when you’re blocked.

✓  Techniques that make writing more enjoyable and less stressful.

What they’re saying…

Before I signed up for Prolifiko’s coaching, I’d been trying to finish for a very long time – years, in fact – so it feels surreal and amazing to have got there. I would thoroughly recommend the coaching programme to anyone wanting to get a writing project done.

- Jessica Harneyford, novelist

Setting a short term goal, then creating actionable tasks in the coaching process made me accountable – which kept me writing. But, the real prize in their method is Bec’s identification, as a writer, with the processes involved in producing a book.

- Gerri Frame, non-fiction author

I used to find the writing process very daunting and even distressing, but the mentoring I received from Prolifiko has helped me rethink the way I approach writing. I now enjoy writing, have much more confidence and have tailored strategies in place that enable me to achieve my writing goals.

- Liam Morris, PhD researcher

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