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productivity coaching for writers and educators

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 We’re Chris Smith and Bec Evans, authors, writing productivity coaches, consultants and founders of the Written Academy.

Our training helps individuals, organisations and businesses to improve their writing and publishing productivity.

Chris Smith and Bec Evans the founders of Prolifiko Consulting

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Unsettling our tendencies to fall into fixed patterns of thinking of how we should write, the pair offer a variety of methods taken from the working lives of writers to shift us from unhelpful mindsets and empower us to find what might work.

Editor’s Choice, December 2023

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We design courses, workshops and one-to-one coaching packages for individuals, publishers and educators.

Based in research, our methodology helps people who want or need to write overcome their blocks and improve their productivity.

Working globally, our online and in-person training can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

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