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Join Bec and Chris for a year of events

Over the coming year we’re planning a whole series of events to celebrate the launch of our book Written – which will help keep you writing.

Themed around book chapter topics, some of these events will be online Q&A sessions with the authors, others will be interviews with special guests.

Most of our events will be free, some we’ll charge for – pick and choose the ones that will be most helpful. The best way to find out what’s coming up and get involved is to follow us on Eventbrite.

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Chapter 2 of Written


April 2023

Part 1, Chapter 2: Make the Rules – that work for you

The barriers that stop us writing and the things that keep us motivated are personal to us. To find the approaches that help involves writing in a more intentional, deliberate way using the principles of mindfulness first introduced about by Harvard psychologist, Ellen J. Lander.

Joined by a very special guest speaker, this online event will explore why the simple act of noticing is the most important thing you can do to develop a better relationship with writing. Bec and Chris will also share their simple but powerful method to notice in a more structured and deliberate way.

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Past events

Cathy Renzenbrink pic
Written Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Break the Rules – because they were written for someone else with Cathy Rentzenbrink


As we write, over the course of our lives we all come to believe certain things about how the writing should get done. In chapter one of Written we call these ‘writing myths’ and explain how they come to shape and define us over time.

In this event we’ll be joined by acclaimed memoirist, writing tutor and author of five books Cathy Rentzenbrink.

We’ll explore how the ‘rules’ we come to believe about our writing aren’t necessarily true, why this is a liberating thought and how to develop the positive mindset models that build our resilience.

Packed full of practical takeaways and inspiring stories, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions of Cathy and the authors of Written.

In this conversation we’ll explore:


  • Writing confidence, how to overcome early doubts and fears to begin putting words on the page
  • What rules she was told about writing and what she believed it meant to be a writer
  • How Cathy manages the hazardous zigzagging in her own writing practice
  • Her approach to supporting other writers, why kindness is important and why wasabi peas are the secret ingredient for bestselling authors.
Bec Evans

February, 2023

Introduction: Why productivity is personal with Bec Evans


The story of Written begins with co-author Bec starting a job as centre director of an internationally acclaimed writing centre in Yorkshire.

She thought rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s top writing talent would help with her own writing – but it didn’t quite work out that way. Why?

🔍 Learn what Bec realised about her own writing and other writers from working at the centre.

🧩  Find out how she grappled with the puzzle of the perfect writing environment.

✍🏼  Hear what Bec and Chris found out from interviewing hundreds of writers over the years.

❓Ask questions about how you can find a writing habit that’s personal to you and your life.

January 2023

Foreword: In conversation with Oliver Burkeman


To launch Written and kick off our year of events in style, we were joined for a chat by Sunday Times bestselling author of Four Thousand Weeks, Oliver Burkeman.

A wise, funny and profound conversation about what it means to be a writer and how to make the most of your time.

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