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Writing a book is a solitary task like no other and Prolifiko provided me with brilliant working practices and mentoring when I was flying blind in the early stages. I learned to push through procrastination and paralysis with techniques like chapter splurging and seven day sprints, and continue to treasure the 10-minute-test – sit at the desk and write for just ten minutes to see how tired I really am. Thanks, for setting me on the path to confidence and productivity!”

- Lucy Hannan, author, journalist and reporter for BBC News and Channel 4 News

Turn bad writing habits into good with a writing RESET 💫

Sign up to our personalised 4-week RESET coaching programme to refresh your writing process.  Find the motivation you need to finish now and keep writing in the future. Featuring one-to-one support from a dedicated writing coach.

How does it work?

We don’t believe there is just one way to get the writing done – we believe there are many. Our coaching model helps you find a process that works for you and your life.

We give you proven approaches, mindset models and tactics to try that build your resilience, combat your writing blocks and keep you motivated.

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The most useful thing I learned was an understanding of how I work and what I could expect to get done. I moved from beating myself up for not getting things done to understanding how much I could expect to get done. That changed my attitude and made it easer to actually do the work.

- Jonathan O'Donnell, co-editor of the The Research Whisperer, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

“Working with Prolifiko has been monumental in changing how I think about my writing. Using their tools and advice, I’ve been able to really drill down into what was holding me back so that I can try something new. I’ve been able to become more focussed and can now achieve so much more in even shorter lengths of time than before.”

- Emma Reilly, startup founder, business writer and artist

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“Prolifiko’s program helped me to feel like I was in a cohort of writers who were all working together towards different goals. When I wasn’t feeling very motivated the words of others really helped move me forward. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get back into their writing or make some progress with a project that has lost steam.”

- Anna Dowrick, social scientist and author

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No more guilt: what Prolifiko coaching gives you

Our coaching plans give you the tried and tested tactics, approaches and mindset models you need to achieve your writing ambitions. 

👀 Beat your daily distractions and become more focussed

🏖️ Gain an easier, more relaxed relationship with writing 

👏 Replace bad writing habits with good ones

🎯 Feel more confident, more motivated – more likely to finish!

“My journey with Prolifiko has taught me how to build a sustainable relationship with my writing process by prioritising the most important tasks for me and saying no to the disturbances. Writing deadlines used to cause me stress and overwhelm. But happily, I’ve now built a foundation to own and enjoy my writing process and keep a balanced relationship with it.”

- Luliia, PhD student and researcher

Who’s behind Prolifiko?

Chris and Bec are writing productivity coaches and the co-founders of Prolifiko. They are also the authors of a soon-to-be-published book called Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit That Lasts. 

Together, they have two decades of experience coaching and cajoling writers to write.

Bec’s an award winning author and former director of an international writing school.

Chris is a former journalist and researcher who’s has written for The Guardian, The Times and countless other publications.

They are both trained coaches and facilitators.

Bec and Chris are the real deal. They challenge with compassion which given the state of the world, is exactly what you need to achieve your goal.

John Lugo-Trebble

Writer and blogger

Bec and Chris are positive and encouraging and keep pushing you forward all the time, as well as offering you a hand when you stumble. Thank you so much. 

Anna Chilvers


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“I could never get it together sufficiently to write a thesis while working at the same time. Prolifiko gave me much-needed structure and I could see how my work was developing over time. Your willingness to engage with me during the hardest of times made all the difference! I passed by viva in October 2019 – your encouragement was pivotal to that!

- Deborah Husbands, chartered psychologist and academic writer

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The monthly sprints have offered useful insights into my own approach to writing and offered some great practical techniques for time management. I’m more organised in my approach to writing, still experimenting to see what works, and enjoying it again.”

- Liz Watkins, researcher and author

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Chris and Bec presented a fantastic webinar to our audience about building a writing habit that sticks. Our attendees were interested and engaged and walked away not only with valuable insights, but also actionable steps for how to improve their writing process.  They’re an amazing team – we can’t wait to have them back!

- Chelsea Bennett, brand engagement manager, Lulu

“We invited Prolifiko to run a workshop focusing on specific needs that participants provided in advance. This included challenges such as the barriers, blocks and pressures that writing often brings. The team addressed all of these and provided practical solutions. We look forward working with them again.

- Jo Garrick, Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI)

Bec led a brilliant online masterclass on How to Build a Writing Habit, which left our audience of new writers inspired, motivated and with practical tools to apply to their own work. I’ve always valued Bec’s productivity advice for my own writing too!”  

- Jon Reed, founder, Publishing Talk

“I’ve long admired Bec as someone with her finger firmly on the pulse of all things writing and productivity. In a world of vague promises, Prolifiko grounds their work in data and psychology, with a keen and quick eye for what makes writers tick.”

- Aki Schilz, director of The Literary Consultancy (TLC)

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