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Chris is co-founder of Prolifiko, writing productivity coach, writer and content consultant.

Our new book Written: How to keep writing and build a habit that lasts is out this January. So, what is it, why did we write it and how will it help people? (And if you’re here to find out how you can win a proof copy tomorrow, it’s by joining our newsletter).

Writing is important to many of us but sitting down and doing it can feel impossible. Everything gets in the way. Distractions are everywhere. We can’t find the time, we lose focus. Our inner critic keeps telling us we’re no good.

When this happens our careers, businesses, studies and creative potential can all suffer.

Written is a productivity book like no other. We can say this because it’s based in the unique coaching model we’ve honed and refined over many years. It starts from the principle that productivity is personal. Our research and experience tell us that there’s not just one way to get the writing done – there are many. Our book helps you find the approach that’s uniquely yours.  

A decade ago we began to help people overcome their writing blocks and barriers. We’ve loved doing this and we hope we’ve made a difference to many people’s lives. But coaching courses can only reach so many. A book can reach many more. So, we set about distilling all the advice we’ve given out so far:

✅ We condensed all the research we’d read

✅ We hand-picked our most effective tactics

✅ We interviewed writers to tell their stories

✅ We developed a unique approach to use as you read the book

Packed full of tried and tested advice, stories you can relate to and the latest research from psychology and neuroscience, Written gives you the tools you need to start writing and keep going.

Whether it’s how to find more time, combat procrastination, keep accountable to others or develop a habit, each chapter contains practical advice on the challenges we know hold people back the most.

If you want to get writing pre-order Written now. If you’d like to find out how you could win* a free proof copy, sign up to our newsletter.

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