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The writing productivity secrets of best selling authors from podcaster Kelton Reid
The writing productivity secrets of best selling authors from podcaster Kelton Reid Thumbnail

In his hugely popular podcast The Writer FilesKelton Reid studies the habits, habitats, and brains of a wide spectrum of renowned writers to learn their secrets of writing productivity and creativity. Having now interviewed over 70 top authors like Douglas Coupland,  Joanna Penn and Austin Kleon, we asked Kelton to reveal to us what secrets he’s learned along the way. [click to continue…]

Stretch your creative muscles with the writers’ yogi
Stretch your creative muscles

If sitting is the new smoking then writers have a 20-a-day habit. Throw in another packet if you also have a desk job. To stop getting a writer’s hump – or worse – you need to stretch from the tips of your typing fingers to your plot tapping toes. Find out the importance of taking a break to stretch your creative muscles. [click to continue…]

How to self-publish your novel: a guide for the overwhelmed
How to self publish your nov

Finished manuscript in hand, it’s tempting to dive right in and self-publish: but with a wealth of complex information out there, you may find yourself buried in self-doubt, only to sneak back to traditional agents and publishers, tail between your legs. So how how do you self-publish your novel? Here’s our simple, handy guide for the overwhelmed.

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A guide to the best creative writing blogs and vlogs of 2017
A guide to the best creative writing blogs and vlogs of 2017 Thumbnail

For writers, it’s often best to consume information through the written word — but sometimes, video makes a healthy change. Without further ado, here’s our pick— in no particular order, of course — of the best writing blogs and vlogs you may not have heard of. [click to continue…]

How to fund your writing
How to fund your writing Thumbnail

Writing is creative and subjective: if anyone’s told you it’ll pay off straightaway, run a mile. How to fund your writing is our real-world guide to making your writing pay. [click to continue…]

A beginner’s guide to journaling and freewriting
A beginner’s guide to journaling and freewriting Thumbnail

Diaries are back in fashion — and with modern writing journals offering goal setting, habit tracking and writing inspiration, writers are beginning to fall back in love with the books they write for their own eyes only. Here’s our beginner’s guide to journaling and freewriting. [click to continue…]

Writing goals: How to achieve your big writing dream in small steps
Achieve your writing goal in small steps

We’ve had over 3,000 people take our writing challenges so we know a thing or two about goal setting. We know that having a poorly thought through writing goal – one that’s vague or has no real stakes attached to it is just as bad as having no goal at all. And we also know that having a good goal – one that’s specific and personal to you – can make the difference between finishing and failing. Writing goals: Here’s all our best tips condensed. [click to continue…]

Achieving focus: How to kill your procrastination gremlins for good
Achieivng focus and killing your procastination

Writing can be hugely rewarding but the process of reaching The End can be a challenge – and that’s why we procrastinate. But it’s only by knowing when and how you get side tracked that you can kill your procrastination gremlins and keep. Here’s how to use the science-backed methods of ‘choice architecture’ and ‘controlled breaking’ to keep focused your writing. [click to continue…]

Accountability: How to keep writing using rewards and people pressure
Accountability can help you write

Whether you’re writing a blog or a blockbuster, it can be a lonely and difficult old business – but it doesn’t need to be and in fact it shouldn’t be if you want to keep going. It’s important to keep yourself motivated and moving forward by making yourself accountable – both to yourself and to others. [click to continue…]

What do editors do? Understanding the author–editor relationship
What do editors do?

There is an industry tale about a novelist (no longer with us) who fought tooth and nail with her publisher if they dared to alter a single punctuation mark in her manuscripts. The situation was – how can we put this? – challenging. On the verge of despair, the publisher finally found an editor who could work with the author. The books were published to wide acclaim, and enhanced by clever editing. So what happened? [click to continue…]