How to interview: What we’ve learned from blogging

How to interview: What we’ve learned from blogging Image

Since starting the blog we’ve spoken to lots of writers, writing experts and some celebs (!) about how they write and what advice they would pass on to budding writers. So we thought we’d share a bit of what we’ve learned along the way.

A lot of the experience that helped us do all that has come from spending many years (creek, we sound very old…) writing articles and case studies and interviewing all types of different people for our day jobs.

The people behind this blog are writers, content marketing types, publishers and editors. That sounds like a lot of people actually it’s just two of us with a lot of experience.

So, with this in mind we thought we’d share some of our own expertise – particularly around how best to approach the whole business of case study writing.

Over three posts, we’ll be looking at:

We hope you find them interesting and whatever you’re writing, might find something of value.

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Chris Smith About the author: Co-founder and writer in residence at Prolifiko | Ex-philosophy lecturer | maker of unpopular short comedy films.