Stop feeling guilty and embrace your inner binge writer

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While science tells us that building a regular writing habit is best for productivity, creativity and happiness – it’s just not possible for most writers. For a long time Cheryl Strayed denied her binge writing tendencies but now she champions it. Her honesty helps people to stop judging themselves as failures to form a regular practice. Once you embrace the reality of your over-committed schedule you can realistically plan to write. Get ready, it’s time to binge. [click to continue…]

How to kill your procrastination by quitting

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You know that nagging voice you hear when you haven’t finished something? Well, I’m a compulsive finisher and my nag is relentless. It’s probably why I’m better at writing shorter things like this and why writing anything longer than about 2,000 words gives me the heebie-jeebies. Saying that, I learned that I’m perfectly normal (phew) and that’s why I’m going to be using my inner nag whenever I need to write anything lengthy – and it’s a trick you can use too. [click to continue…]

How to build a daily creative habit

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Faced with her students’ procrastination, designer and lecturer Tash Willcocks set out to prove that small steps lead to big gains. Since February 2013 she’s hand drawn and published an illustration every day. From overcoming fear, to building a community, and finding happiness in the everyday, she shares valuable lessons about developing a daily creative habit. [click to continue…]

How one writer’s data can help us all to write

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We’ve been working with the data visualisation specialists at The Guardian newspaper. We gave them exclusive access to tracking data from Man Booker long-listed novelist Wyl Menmuir. They used the data to tell a story about writing stories – the ups and downs, the dreams and the reality, the distraction, procrastination and ultimately the grit that it takes to finish a novel. We can all learn from this. [click to continue…]

5 rules for getting stuff done: the lazy guide to writing productivity

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I don’t think of myself as hard-working. In fact through most of my life I’ve been called lazy and yet somehow in the last few years I’ve written four novels, three plays, two text-books, a film script, held down a responsible job full-time and managed to study for a PhD. Written down in a list like that it looks exhausting and I wonder how I did it. And, after a bit of thought I’ve evolved some rules for getting stuff done. This knowledge has been hard won and I don’t always follow it even now, but to me, they seem like decent rules to follow. [click to continue…]

Held to account: top tips from an accountability hero

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I’ve always considered myself a lonesome kind of writer, most productive when it’s just me and my words. But, I must admit I’ve been missing a trick. This year I’ve been experimenting with different accountability structures. I’ve found that enlisting the support of buddies, coaches and structured writing challenges has transformed my output and progressed my writing in leaps and bounds. [click to continue…]

Why every author should master digital marketing

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However you hope to publish your work, whether it’ll be an ebook, an online serial or as a weighty literary tome, one thing is the same: you need to know how to market your wares. In this two-part post, we talk to publishing and SEO guru Chris McVeigh about how authors can navigate the minefield that is social media and digital marketing.

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